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Book of Mimi Dan Aldouby On Religion, Government, and War. Why They Don’t Mix

Daniel Aldouby

Dan Aldouby

I was speaking to a friend of mine last week. He considers himself to be an Orthodox Jew. After a lengthy discussion about the Middle-East we came to the same conclusion. Broadly speaking, the Middle East is composed of theocratic states, regardless of what they call themselves. All these States are ruled, not by politicians, but by their respective religious
leaders. The basis of their law, regardless of the system is their religious beliefs based on their religious teachings. The States ruled by the Arabs, Turks (at present), Iranians, etc, have Imams, Ayatollahs, and other religious leaders involved in the political structure and in making and carrying out of the laws. In the State Of Israel, it is the Orthodox leaders who rule the nation. Without their permission, the government does not act, and their Chief Rabbis are the final word. As long as people believe that the land belongs to them because of God, there will be no peace in that region. This also speaks to us in the USA. As long as religionists have a say in civil governance at all levels, we will have no internal peace. Religion and politics do not mix. Historically they foster ignorance, hatred, murder, and wars. Keep religion in Houses of Worship and in peoples’ hearts. Historically, mixing the two is poisonous to a civil society and a building of a better world. Keep Government in Civil buildings and in the hands if the laity.