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Can Middle Eastern History, Religion, and Humor Coexist in the Same Book? Read This Excerpt From The First Book of Mimi To Find Out

The First Book of MimiThere’s not much to laugh about in the Middle East these days. Violence, hatred, and war between tribes, religious groups, and nations, result in the death of innocent people every day. Reading the first book of Dan Aldouby’s Mimi trilogy you get the impression that things were not much different in the period from 80 BC until the time of Mohammed. That’s when Mimi, the Heroine of the book, travelled throughout the land in service of her creator. Yet, things seem different somehow in his narrative. That’s because he tells her story with authenticity, empathy, and liberal doses of wry humor that literally jump out of the pages making you smile even when you don’t want to. How does he manages all three? Because 1) he is an expert in Middle Eastern History and Comparative Religion, and still teaches those subjects at Rutgers University and 2) he is truly a funny guy! To see, what I mean read the following excerpt from the book which is one of my favorites: Roman Soldiers on Patrol . To learn more about Dan and his book go to Book of Mimi . You can buy his book from Amazon and Kindle directly from his site.