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Author Introduces His New Release, The First Book of Mimi

Daniel Aldouby

Dan Aldouby

I’m the author of The First Book of Mimi. If you have as good a time reading it as I had as writing it, that will be reward enough for me. Although the first book sets the tone for the trilogy, I hope to keep it amusing, on the PC side of blasphemy, and for those who like to argue Ontology, Faith and Good Works, the merits of Organized religion, the role of prophecy, or answers to questions like “Why was I born?” or “What is my purpose in Life?” or “Does Satan really exists?” or meaty human doubts about the role of humanity, then Welcome to the world of Mimi the unlikely prophet, world traveler, and perky, pretty, and stand-up woman. At 83 years of age, I’ve come into contact with all sorts of human beings. Mimi is a woman who has all the traits which make up a picture of one kind of ideal. In some respects, I guess, many of these women who are parts of Mimi belong to my family. Lord knows, they are an independent, outspoken and marvelous bunch. Other parts of Mimi come from my lifelong study of Religion and its History. But enough about the author. If you have any comments, critiques, or questions, please post them and I’ll be glad to answer you. I don’t do tweets, Instagram, or any other Insta-whatever. Writing complete sentences is what my training is about. But I do know what OMG means. :)

Over and out, Dan