The Book of Mimi

By Daniel Aldouby

The First Book of Mimi

To the eighteen year old girl living near the Sea of Galilee, the voice seems to come from both within, and all around her. Trembling and frightened, she quickly learns it is the voice of God, The Creator of the Universe, who has chosen her to be his prophet and “sword of his tongue” throughout the ages. It is an offer “Mimi” cannot refuse, although she tries, and in the end, she reluctantly leaves her family never to see them again, to embark on a journey that begins in 40 BC, continues through the biblical lands of the Middle East, then to Western Europe during the Reformation, and finally to the United States in modern times; all the while accompanied by her young husband Nahyim, the love of her life, and her loyal, patient donkey Yofi. Creative, intelligent, and resourceful, Mimi soon grows into her new role as a divine spokeswoman to the point where she occasionally questions the authority of her Creator, which leads to richly humorous dialogues between the two, much like between a rebellious daughter and a bemused, father. Nevertheless, the three travelers remain under divine protection throughout their journey, a fact that is quickly and sometimes spectacularly apparent should they be in danger. The Book of MIMI is a trilogy which chronicles her travels and adventures through time from the beginning to the present day.

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